Affordable Yoga In Central Pennsylvania

Financial Accessibility in Lebanon, PA 

Yoga can be expensive. An average drop-in class can cost anywhere from $16-$30 with monthly unlimited passes costing over $100. This is an unimaginable additional cost for the average family in Central Pennsylvania. 

I deeply believe that the yoga practice should be available to everyone, regardless of age, socio-economical class, sexual orientation, gender or physical abilities. 

Elizabeth Swisse Yoga, LLC addresses this cost factor in a few ways.​

Sliding Scale


I apply a sliding scale to my Thursday night class at the Lebanon Farmers Market. This means that you pay what you want. If one week you can't afford to spare a few dollars, just come and enjoy being with the community. Nobody will shame you or check to see what you contributed. 

There is a box at the sign-in area. Please sign in and drop whatever your chosen fee is into the box.  

Private Lessons:

If you are committed to learning on an individual level, but the one-to-one fee is out of your price range, please message me. As long as you can commit to 5 weeks of lessons we can create a pay scale that makes sense for your economic situation.                      


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