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My passion for teaching yoga was born from over a decade of practice. I have studied many styles and lineages as I worked and traveled around the world. I currently teach private lessons and one in person class per week in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Private Zoom sessions are available.


In my yoga classes, students are encouraged to be curious and playful.  Yoga is so much more than just building strength and gaining flexibility. You can also learn how to connect to your body using a breath-centered practice. Breathing techniques have been proven to aid in calming the nervous system and help to destress after a hectic week of life and work.  I advocate for using the physical asana practice as a tool to better connect to ourselves and the community around us. 

reverse prayer
Warrior Two mountaintop
seated twist
Firefly Pose
quad stretch
urdhva dhanurasana
Singing Bowl
wild thing
Sawtooth Trail, #alpinelakes#sawtoothtra
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