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Yoga For Stress Management

Slow down, Reset and Rejuvenate 

Can you remember the last time that you intentionally sat down without distractions and just listened to your thoughts and noticed the sensations in your body? So many of us feel like we are on a continuously spinning hamster wheel, making it through one day, just to repeat it the next day. And there's never enough time. It's not uncommon to feel tightness in your chest as you feel the slight panic of having to hurry from one appointment to the next, just to make it home in time to eat and go to bed. 

Yoga teaches that your value as a person is not dependent on how productive you can be.  You are already inherently worthy before you even walk through the door. There's no need to create any shapes with your body or achieve any balancing poses in order to be happy. So often we think "Once I get this job," or "As soon as I pay off my loans" or "if I buy this               " then I will feel like I made it and I will allow myself to be happy. This constant striving can create anxiety and unnecessary stress.


In the yoga classes that I teach, we practice meeting ourselves wherever we are on each particular day and not striving for anything more. It's not a problem to have goals. It can be harmful to our health when we loose sight of where we are in the process and recognize that every step is valuable. Through breath techniques, guided mediations and movement you may be able to decrease stress hormones and learn to self-regulate. 

Elizabeth Swisse Yoga offers an array of classes ranging from gentle to more physically demanding. We all have different levels of movement that suits our body. Send me a message to have a free consulation about which class might be the best fit for you. 

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