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Yoga For Beginners

Starting a Practice in Central Pennsylvania

At Elizabeth Swisse Yoga, LLC, we recognize that everyone is a beginner at some point. Trying something new can be scary and a yoga studio can be an intimidating place to enter. This is why I teach at different venues. You can choose the space where you feel the most comfortable. It doesn't matter what you wear or what you're able to do physically. Show up in comfy clothing and with an attitude of curiosity. No one is here to judge or evaluate you. 


"Vinyasa" or "Flow" yoga is the term that is used to describe most modern postural practices. This means that several poses are linked together with transitions. The breath is usually used as a focus point and a tool to move from one posture to the next. Yoga for Beginners classes typically have some sort of "flow" component. In addition, "workshop elements" such as breaking down poses and experimenting with different variations to best fit your current state are also seen in these classes. 


The Starters Foundation, offered at Absolute Pilates in Linglestown, PA is a good option for beginners or for longtime practitioners who enjoys a slower flow. Over time, you can learn everything from the foundational poses found in most yoga classes to breathing techniques that can help you to self-regulate in moments of stress. 


Another good option if you're just starting yoga is to attend a Vinyasa 1 class early Monday mornings  or the Gentle Flow class on Thursday mornings. Both are held at The Healing Habitat in Palmyra, PA. This class will deconstruct poses that tend to get glossed over. We will use props to help facilitate arm balances that, otherwise may feel unattainable. We will move at a mindful pace that focuses on observing and controlling your breathing patterns. 


If you are new to yoga but you are an active person with no physical restrictions, then the classes at the Lebanon Farmers Market or BC Fitness  could be a good fit. 

If my public class schedule doesn't work for you, you might consider booking private lessons. Many students prefer to dip their toes into the practice in the comfort of their own home. You might decide to join a class once you feel confident. Often, students prefer to continue with One-to-One yoga classes, since each lesson is curated to the student's individual needs. 

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga. Many students report not only improved flexibility and strength but a general better sense of wellbeing. 

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