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Mondays @ 5:15 pm

Ideal Wellness Family Practice

This Wellness Practice operates on a monthly subscription.

 If health care rates are reeking havoc on your bank account consider this integrative approach to wellness. 


Each class offers gentle movement with an emphasis on the breath.  We will get the entire body moving then finish with a restorative pose. All levels welcome. 

Members: $5

Non-Members $10

Accessibility: Elevator to entrance, handicap accessible bathrooms

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Gentle Flow 

Class Style 

Mondays @ 7:30 am 

Thursdays @ 10 am

The Healing Habitat

Are you new to yoga and you would like to learn the basics? Or do you just want to learn the subtle nuances of poses? Then you may want to try the Vinyasa Level 1 class at  7:30am on Mondays. We explore postural groups or focus on a specific body part during month long intervals. This repetition allows you to see progress and watch the subtle mind-body evolution as postures land differently for you each time you step on the mat.


Thursday morning Gentle Flow is an all-level class geared towards people who have a consistent practice and are looking to find balance. Do not confuse "Gentle" with "Easy." This slow flow challenges the mind to stop running through the stresses of everyday life. Poses are held longer than a regular vinyasa class, giving you time to take note of the sensations in the body and follow the breath. 


Accessibility: Single step at entry, Bathroom not handicap accessible

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Mon: Vinyasa 1 Thu: Gentle 

Class Style

Mondays @ 6:45 pm

BC Fitness

The Mindful Flow class has a steady pace that's accessible for most people. We work the entire body and explore unconventional transitions. The new gym is located on Route 72 across from Lebanon Valley Cycles.


 Membership to the gym is not required, but classes are at a discounted rate for members.


Classes are drop-in, no pre-registration needed.

Non-members $8/class

Members $5 / class

Accessibility: Ramp at entry, No stairs, handicap accessible bathrooms

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Vinyasa Flow 

Class Style 

Yoga at the Lebanon Market

Thursdays @ 5:30 pm

Lebanon Farmers Market

It doesn't matter if it's your first class or your 1,000th. Bring a mat, grab a friend and flow with your community in the beautiful banquet hall above the market. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow time to find your spot and settle in. Blocks are commonly used to offer more support in postures.

Classes are based on a sliding-scale. You choose your rate, suggested $5 -$10.

Accessibility: There is an elevator that can be taken to the third floor. Handicap Accessible bathroom available

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Vinyasa Flow

Class Style

Tuesdays @ 9:30 am

Absolute Pilates 

The Starters Foundational class is meant for newcomers to yoga, but it's also a nice reintroduction for those coming back to their practice. 

We learn simple poses with some updated cueing techniques. You have the option to challenge yourself or to keep the intensity limited depending on what version of a pose you choose to take.


You can register online via the website 

 $15/ class

Accessibility: 3 staris at entry, flight of stairs to yoga space, handicap accessible bathrooms

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Vinyasa Flow 

Class Style 

Saturdays @ 9:30 am

The Behavioral Health and Wellness Academy, LLC

Yoga is so much more than physical postures. This Trauma Informed class places more of an emphasis on the breath and internal dialogue that we constantly produce.


Yoga practice has proven to be an incredible healing tool for many people who have experienced trauma. Trauma isn't only extreme situations such as war or abuse, but also includes things like being forgotten somewhere as a kid, not feeling seen as a teenager, living with someone who has a history with addiction, experiencing bullying as a child or adult. 


Most people have experience some form of trauma. This class may help you to work through it using breath and simple body movements.   

$10 /class

Accessibility: Three stairs to get into the building, No handicap accessible bathroom

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Trauma Informed Yoga

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Pebble Beach

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