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The Yoga Podcast for the Pragmatic Yoga Teacher and Practitioner

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

( 3/5 in The Yoga Podcast Series)

Hopefully you all have dug through the archives of the first two recommended podcasts! On my phone,I have many episodes favorited and I like to go back and listen again, after some time has passed. It's funny how after certain life experiences or depending on how you're feeling in your yoga practice the insights your pick up on can change.

This week's podcast is the longest running show on the list. Starting way back in 2012, before podcasts became a serious business, Lucas Rockwood began putting his voice out there. Lucas is an entrepreneur and innovator. He owned a successful restaurant in NYC by the age of 25. He was on the scene in Asia right when yoga took off and rode the wave towards opportunities like teaching at one of the best known yoga studios in Hong Kong. From there, he opened up a Yoga restaurant/ retreat center in Thailand. He is also the inventor of the Yoga Trapeze. Chances are if you follow a few yoga folks on Instagram, you have seen someone using this trapeze in a really playful way.

Lucas has a practical approach to yoga and he admits that the spiritual side of yoga never really stuck for him. His podcast reflects his pragmatic use of yoga and extensive knowledge of food and nutrition. At the end of every episode Lucas gives a nutritional tip, which I always find useful. In reality, "Yoga" is rarely the topic of the episode. Show topics range anywhere from talking about relationships to aging or mental health.

Lucas's interview skills are well developed and his questions are inquisitive and thought provoking. A few episodes that have made an impact on me were

* "Demystifying the Pelvic Floor " with kinesiologist Adrienne Flinn

* " Deep into Knee Pain" with Dr. Lee Herrington

* "The truth about CBD for Health" with Evan DeMarco

As always, let me know which episodes you find useful. Until the next time around, Be Happy, Be Healthy and spread the love.

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